To give pleasure to your children and give them an occupation cultural and playful days without class, book them a place in the events "Cine taste" of the Residence of Ankerana.

These events are held every Wednesday and Saturday afternoons and reserved only for children. If you don't have time to go until Ankerana do take and pick them up at the end of sessions, be aware that the institution has provided a free shuttle to our toddlers.

During these moments of relaxation, The Residence offers them to visualize a movie youth with children of their age. The proposed tariff includes a place for the child, the shuttle and the taste. Awesome non ?

If you still hesitate, know that the taste cine is a genuine moment of escape that will allow your child to have a social life fun, meet other children other than those of his school and fun to avoid too much stress during the week of class. They will be of course monitored so you have no fear to make you.


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