Night receptions :

Room "Mosaic". (level 'pool '.) is made available with :

  • Tables with sous-nappes and tablecloths under existing colors ;
  • Chairs with covers and decorative flower on the folder
  • Nodes to the colors in curtains (following existing colors)
  • The dais and the bride and groom table decoration
  • Flowers and bouquets are the responsibility of the organizers
  • Admission fees for : meals, drinks, cake, Orchestra are included
  • Dressing room Annex provided without material
  • small outdoor courtyard in the cooking charcoal or firewood,
  • toilet.

Obligation of the organizers :

  • Provide order to ensure quiet and good order of the guests in the parking lot, in places of passages, and in the room ;
  • Ensure a constant cleanliness in toilets ;
  • Pay the breakage and damage that could be caused ;
  • Announce that the room is rented only and give the name of the catering service ;
  • Make clean room and the adjoining.
additional obligations : Music to stop absolutely 01 in the morning but possibility of background music ;
guests must remain in the room and do not make noise in the aisles and the parking
Beverages prohibited parking

RATES for BANQUETS family (Weddings, engagement, confirmation...):

SATURDAY 8.000 AR per person With a minimum of 1.200.000 AR
OTHER DAYS 7.000 AR per person With a minimum of 1.000.000 AR
Mandatory deposit 400.000 AR A refund after deduction of cases

rates for DINERS (with ticket sales) :

Dinner room rental right caterer
Up to 150 Pax 900.000 5.000 ar/pers.
Up to 250 Pax 1.200.000 3.500 AR/pers.

Organization :

  • The room is placed at disposal in the morning from 10 in the morning until 06 o'clock the next morning.
  • All administrative and legal permissions are borne by the organizers.
  • All material or goods deposited are under the responsibility of the organizers.