Create as beautiful as paintings dishes. ». such is the ambition of this young chef loving colors and aesthetics. Since September, "Chief Naidoo" officiates at the Residence of Ankerana.

"I bathed in the art world., Paint especially. "A family environment that led him to be interested in culinary arts and the table through training to the INTH (National Institute of tourism and hospitality) completed in 2010. "It allowed me to exploit what I consider as a gift, the ability to create dishes that are as beautiful as paintings. "Its just completed studies, He began working for Sofitrans (Financial company for the development of transport and tourism), While doing his internship at chilli banana (Toamasina) then as maître d ' Hôtel to the red rocks(Mahajanga). Decisive step : It represents Madagascar for the Cook-off Challenge food pleasures - best young culinary talent of the ocean Indiendu Réunion culinary magazine food pleasures..


Show us your style...
Colorful, visually artistic and in compliance with the original taste of each product. Even if I happen to enhance Zucchini or carrots with oregano, the clean taste of the product should never get lost.

What are your favourite products ?
Especially vegetables, for their colors. I especially like the onion, Despite his reputation for bad smell. I want to show that it can be used artistically and simultaneously pleasant to taste.

The recurring ingredients for your dishes ?
At the Residence, especially of fresh products, vegetables and meat (Red, White, dews) with a good cooking controlled.

What kind of cuisine do you not appreciate ?
None, the kitchen is like music and art in general. What is commonly regarded as bad, We can always learn something good. What we eat in an eatery can be delicious, certain flavors that it can be used to improve the gastronomy.

Your favorite dish ?
Find it me very difficult to decide, I love to eat everything until the tastes are met. But I like the Malagasy cuisine.Ravitoto sy henakisoa,for example, well tender, well simmered stew, with a rougail tomato flavoured with the Kaffir lime.

Your favourite drink ?
I'm a fan of beer, and I love the wine for its noble appearance, each vintage has its history. Know I drink something that has value, it motivates them to learn more and it goes well with the kitchen I propose, vegetables and meat based. I have a preference for red wine and white dry ; with desserts, It will be instead of the fluffy white.

How often you change your card ?
I gave myself as a challenge to improve the tastes upgrading products. For the moment, It is in launch of the card with four hot and cold entries, four flat key and four desserts...

How do you go to create your dishes ?
I'm still working in hygiene. I am very strict at the level of the quality of the products I use : If products are bad, It's like a badly sharpened knife, We do not achieve anything. Everything also depends on my inspiration, compliance with product and color. I can take a basic recipe, the Genoese example, and modify it to make it lighter in the mouth.

What are your models ?
In pastry, Christophe Michalak. More generally, Chief Ali «artistika» and Yves Camdeborde I could rub shoulders with during my trip to the meeting. It pushed me a lot and is someone open. It doesn't disclose its revenues, but he advises. For me it is it called a leader.

Your recipe of the moment ?
Bavarian with mango, I present quite differently. It is one of the most colorful and the most requested desserts. A real sweetness, easy to swallow. Otherwise the tagliatelle of Zucchini goat cheese.

Your next dinner ?
Home ! I got married there are few and every day I try to make the kitchen and dinner at home. On Sunday it's even more special, dinner must be impeccable.

Your news ?
At the Residence, I am catering officer and head. My job is to train people in the room in terms of service, Home customers. I coached the kitchen for staff learn to work without my directions. I still recruit at this moment because we are Remaking the team.

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Interview by Joro Ahmad

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