An evening 'Campfires and outdoor cine' is held every Saturday night at the Residence of Ankerana.

To the program : action films, romantic, animations, ... are broadcast in the open air on a giant screen and a big camp fire will be held in the Park of the residence. Discover the programme of the week, the hotel invites you to follow him on facebook.

In addition to the fire camp and giant-screen projection, The Residence offers also during these evenings a restoration component with menu, vary amin' Añana (a typical Malagasy meals of rice and la brède) and a "maskita party. (skewers).

This type of event is surely a first in the big island so feel free to book your seats in advance. Whether you come in family, with friends or couple, take advantage of these moments to fun and above all do not be late for not to miss the beginning of the film.

The Residence offers venue every Saturday at 20 hours.

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